Jagged Edges

Jagged edges are not pretty. They aren’t smooth like a pencil. They are rough, and you only get jagged edges by going through something tough. All my life I have felt I needed to be “smooth”. I am tired of pretending that life is always so smooth.* It’s like we are taught to have no acknowledgement of the fact that everyone has a rough road behind them, and everyone’s roads look very different.

*I am very happily married, and I do acknowledge that life is pretty great. More on how I married my Prince Charming later.

I wanted a space to write about things not always being perfect. For me, that’s difficult. I enjoy achieving perfection, or what I have learned to think is perfect. I was a straight A (and B) student. I did my homework (mostly) on time. I lettered in Academics. I went to the University of Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Business focus. I had a great childhood and a family that I loved. I colored in the lines. I am a classic rule-follower. I’ve grown to be very comfortable in my rule-following space. I hardly speed. I always use my blinkers, and I usually will be the “nice one” on the road.

That’s actually how I have been identified in life… “the nice one”. While it’s had it’s challenges of people thinking they can take advantage of me, at 32 years old, I am pretty okay with the label these days.

I color in the lines, and I’m the nice one…. Not very “jagged”, huh.

Being “jagged” to me simply means that we all have our struggles. They make us who we are. They are something to be proud of.

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